Review: Zodiac Potato Vodka

Zodiac Potato Vodka
Zodiac Potato Vodka

Zodiac Potato Vodka (40% ABV, 80 Proof, $24.99) – Although it has “craft” and “handcrafted” written all over it, the back of the bottle indicates Rigby, Idaho as its source, which means it comes from one of the biggest private label distillers in the west, DRinc (Distillers Resource Inc.) Although it’s made from potatoes, you can’t really tell from the nose. Instead, it’s a plain Jane vodka with vanilla, lemon, pepper.

On the palate, it’s soft and slightly watery with light vanilla, lemon, and black pepper. The pepper does intensify in the midpalate giving it some structure, and it’s here where we get some sense of the source material with a subtle potato chip note. The finish is slightly dry and peppery, again with a touch of potato.

Zodiac Vodka is textbook contract distilled vodka – it’s not horrible, it’s competently distilled, but it lacks character. In the vodka space you win on brand, price, or character, and Zodiac is lacking in these. 84 points.


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