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Review: Zodiac Potato Vodka

While it's not very clear that Zodiac Potato Vodka comes from potatoes, it is a competently produced vodka, just not one with a ton of character. Drink Spirits has a review.

Karlsson’s Batch 2009 Vodka Review

Karlsson releases their Batch 2009 Vodka, this year's limited edition release made from the Solist Swedish Potato. We have a review.

Karlsson’s 2008 Single Vintage Vodka

Karlsson's Gold releases a vintage vodka showcasing the Gammel Svensk Rod Potato, one of seven used to make Karlsson's Gold Vodka

Karlsson’s Gold Vodka Review

Karlsson's Gold is an exceptional potato based vodka made by the guy who was the Father of Absolut.

Schramm Organic Potato Vodka Review

Shramm Potato Vodka shows what's possible in the vodka category with exceptional taste and a fantastic drinking experience.

Teton Glacier Potato Vodka Review

It's no surprise that the Teton Glacier Potato Vodka is made at the heart of America's potato country in Rigby, Idaho. Billed as "Crystal...