Interview: Jon Taffer, Bar Rescue and Nightclub & Bar

Jon Taffer - Bar Rescue
Jon Taffer – Bar Rescue

Jon Taffer has become extremely well known as the host of the successful Spike TV series Bar Rescue. On his show, Jon goes into troubled bars and helps them turn things around, often with a few simple tweaks. Some of the bars that Jon Taffer faces are a much bigger project, like Headhunters in Austin, TX which he helped transformed into Metal and Lace.

We talk to Jon Taffer about the state of affairs in the bar business, from trends he’s watching to simple tweaks that most bars can do to make more money. We also talk about the growing success of the Nightclub & Bar Show, which he presides over. Be sure to also read our complete report on the 2013 Nightclub & Bar Show.

Watch our interview with Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue and Nightclub & Bar.

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