Women in Spirits Interview: Vidia Doodnath, Executive Director of Angostura

Vidia Doodnath
Vidia Doodnath

The spirits industry has often been seen as an old boy’s club with men occupying many of the key roles, but that’s really changing with women occupying more and more key roles. Their impact is significant and we’ve been blown away by their passion, determination, and ability to help really transform the spirits business into a thriving modern business.

Vidia Doodnath is one of these amazing women. As the Executive Director of Angostura, Vidia is reportedly one of only five people in the world who knows the secret recipe for Angostura Bitters, one of the most closely guarded secrets in the spirits industry. Vidia is also the warrant holder for Angostura Bitters, which designates Angostura as an official provider of products to the Queen of England, who enjoys her Angostura Bitters.

We had the opportunity to talk to Vidia about the iconic bitters, managing to get more hints about the kinds of things Angostura uses in their bitters than ever previously reported. Vidia also talked to Drink Spirits about the development of Angostura’s orange bitters, as well as what other flavors they’ve considered.

Finally, Drink Spirits gets the scoop from Vidia about a brand new product Angostura is hard at work on. It’s a potentially exciting addition to Angostura’s offerings and could be a major expansion for them in the bitter spirit space.

Watch our interview with Vidia Doodnath of Angostura.

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