Charbay Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey

Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey
Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey

I continue my adventures with “White Dog” or white (unaged) whiskey  with Charbay’s Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey distilled from bottle ready IPA beer.

Doubled & Twisted  has a sweet and florally nose with just a hint of hops. There and ever so slight hint of yeastiness. It’s the kind of nose that you want to linger on and really take in. As complex and sweet as the nose is, it couldn’t possibly prepare me for the explosive symphony of flavor that this whiskey has in store.

Doubled & Twisted tastes unlike any whiskey I’ve ever had, it’s a perfect union of malty goodness and florally hops that simply explodes on the palate. The bitter undertone of the hops is a perfect tango to the sweet of the malt and they combine into something that is truly exceptional.

The whiskey is 99 proof, but you’d never guess it as it’s so amazingly smooth with just the slightest amount of heat underneath. The finish is nice, long and sweet and it preserves that beautiful hop and malt infusion.

Charbay’s Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey was produced in small quantities (only 135 cases were produced) and they plan on releasing a barrel aged version sometime in 2010 (with only 35 cases produced).

This is an extremely special whiskey with a unique flavor that shows just how amazing and complex a white whiskey can be.

We’re so impressed we’re giving Charbay’s Doubled & Twisted Light Whiskey our highest possible rating:

Highest Recommendation “A Classic” –  a unique and rare white whiskey that is a must own for any lover of white whiskey.

Doubled & Twisited White Whiskey is hard to find, your best bet is to buy it direct from the Charbay website.