U’Luvka Vodka Review

U'Luvka Vodka
U'Luvka Vodka

Odds are, most people will probably buy U’Luvka for the first time because of the incredibly cool bottle.  The U’Lukva Vodka bottle is a work of art, although a fairly impractical one that doesn’t really fit on any shelves of our bar. With so many vodkas on the market, we completely understand why U’Luvka would chose a package so distinct to stand out. When it comes to spirits, we’re less concerned with how the bottle looks and more interested in what’s inside.

U’Lukva Vodka (80 Proof – $60) is an extremely specific type of vodka.  Made from a mix of rye, wheat and barley grains, U’Lukva Vodka is myopically focused on being a very light, sweet and clean spirit.  The nose reflects this focus with very subtle cereal/grain notes, and light vanilla with a slightly sweet undertone. The entry is very soft and sweet with some floral notes (not as much as Crystal Head Vodka). These sweet floral notes are supported by an undertone of lightly sweet grain.   There is the slightest bit of heat which presents on the mid-palate but dissipates very quickly.  The finish is pretty quick and light, and leaves your mouth pretty clean with the slightest bit of sweet grain lingering along.

U’Lukva Vodka is an extraordinarily expensive vodka. Priced at $60 per 750ml, it’s more than double the cost of some of our go-to vodkas (even the amazing Ebb + Flow Vodka) , $20 more than premium brands like Belvedere Unfiltered 80 and, $10 more than Crystal Head Vodka.  It’s a good vodka that we really like, but it’s almost impossible for us to get past the price point. Also, U’Lukva is so light and subtle, it would get completely lost mixed in a cocktail (or even in the proverbial vodka soda).   We like this vodka, respect the focus on making such a clean and light spirit, but the price really misses the mark.  3.5 Star Rating Recommended if Price is Not A Concern