Exclusiv Vodka Review – Grey Goose Alternative For $10

Exclusiv Vodka
Exclusiv Vodka

If you had asked us to find Moldova on a map, we’d probably point in the general direction of the former Soviet Union.  In fact, Moldova is a country sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine. This is important only because they make some pretty good vodka there.

Exclusiv Vodka (80 proof – $10 for 750ml and $20 for 1.75 liters) – Made from wheat, this vodka has a fairly sharp nose, there’s more of the citrus solvent smell you get from the ethyl alcohol with some clear grain notes behind it.  The entry is nice and wide on the palate with a very pronounced grain taste. There’s no doubt of this vodka’s wheat origins and Exclusiv really works to showcase the flavor of that grain. There’s a little bit of a bitter bite in the mid-palate, which is a good thing, and the finish is nice with sweet grain flavors which linger.

Exclusiv Vodka – an enjoyable vodka which does a great job of showcasing the taste of the wheat grain well.  The nose is much sharper than the actual taste, which is smooth and mild enough to sip this vodka straight.  What makes Exclusiv that much more amazing is its price point – $10 for 750ml, an absolute steal. It’s flavor profile is also close enough to Grey Goose that it could easily stand in for the much more expensive spirit. 4 Star Rating Highly Recommended