Review: Clase Azul Ultra Premium Tequila

Clase Azul Tequila
Clase Azul Tequila

When a spirits company labels something as ultra-premium, odds are what they really mean is “expensive”. There is no real standard on what can be labeled ultra-premium, and not all ultra-premium spirits are good. In the tequila space, there’s also a category of products whose bottle design and packaging are more of a selling point than what’s in the bottle. Some of the prettiest bottles of tequila are also some of the most unpalatable.

It would be easy then to dismiss Clase Azul as another fancy bottle of expensive tequila chasing after the almighty dollar. But if you did, you’d be missing out on one of the few ultra-premium tequilas that actually delivers.

The Clase Azul Blanco tequila has a very soft and sweet nose with just a hint of pepper. The sweetness of the nose and the undercurrent of spice come together into a nose that is downright seductive. The nose has no bite or vapor whatsoever. The entry for the Clase Azul Blanco matches the nose perfectly. Lightly sweet, fresh agave leads right into a pepper spice which builds to a moderate level, peaks, and then finishes all without losing a step. The balance between sweet and spice here is sublime, and the finish leaves both the sweet agave and pepper spice in a clear invitation for another sip. Priced at $70 a bottle, the Clase Azul Blanco is considerably more expensive than some of our go-to tequilas (Tequila Avion, El Tesoro, and 123 Tequila), but we feel that we’re actually getting what we pay for. If you have a sweet tooth and want a tequila that captures the essence of fresh agave and balances it out with a nice soft pepper, this is the tequila for you.

The Clase Azul Reposado has an equally soft and inviting nose as the blanco. In addition to the sweet, fresh agave and pepper, we get a nice soft oak note as well as subtle caramel in the nose. The entry is soft and sweet with the oak, pepper, caramel, and fresh agave all coming together along with a nice vegetal green pepper note. Things ramp up a little in the midpalate where the black pepper, green pepper, and oak spice all come together. The finish is long and delicious and equally as entrancing as the blanco. At around $80, Clase Azul Reposado doesn’t come cheap, but it is delicious with a packaging that shows great love and care for the spirit inside the bottle.

A great spirit in a great package is a rare combination, but Clase Azul manages to deliver something really special, and for the tequila connoisseur, something to seek out.

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