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Bacardi Triangle – Bacardi Experiments With Millennial Marketing

Bacardi tries to reach Millennials with their Bacardi Triangle Music Festival.
Facundo Bacardi Rum Collection

Review: Facundo Bacardi Rum – Bacardi’s New Premium Rum Collection

Bacardi opens up their vaults for a new collection of premium sipping rums called the Facundo Bacardi Rum Collection, including NEO, Eximo, Exquisito and Paraiso. We have a review.
Facundo Exquisito Rum

Review: Facundo Bacardi Exquisito Rum

Bacardi delivers a compelling entry into the premium rum category with Facundo Exquisito. Drink Spirits has a review.

3 Great Cocktails From The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2013

Drink Spirits travels to Puerto Rico to cover the 2013 Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition
Bacardi's Iconic Bat

Behind The Scenes of Bacardi Rum

Drink Spirits brings you behind the scenes at the world's biggest rum distillery - Bacardi Rum in Puerto Rico

Top 10 Spirits to Sneak Into a Football Game in Your...

When it comes to sneaking a spirit into a football game you don't want to break out your best stuff. We have some suggestions of things to put in your flask, save some dough and keep yourself warm in the cold while you cheer your favorite team.