Deco Ginger Rum

Deco Ginger Rum
Deco Ginger Rum

Through my journey with spirits I’ve found that the better drinks I experience the pickier I get when I go out to drink.  Sometimes being picky simply isn’t an option. This past weekend we went to a charity auction and the bar litterally had four options:  Wine, Beer, Vodka and Rum (with no mixing ingredients other than juices)

My first drink of the evening was unfortunately a vodka and white cranberry. The vodka itself wasn’t bad (it came from New Deal Vodka) but the drink really didn’t do anything to show it off. The white cranberry juice and ice pretty much made the drink taste like sweet and watered down vodka.

While I haven’t really explored very many rums, for my second drink I decided to go for the signature drink they were offering that evening: the Peggy Plamer – a combination of Deco Ginger Flavored Rum (80 Proof) and lemon. Here’s the recipe:

Peggy Palmer
1.5 oz Deco Ginger Rum
1 oz Vodka (in this case New Deal Vodka)
2 oz Lemon Juice
2 tsp simple syrup

Shaken over ice and then served up.

This drink was a very nice mix of spice, sour and sweet. What impressed me about this was how balanced a drink it was. Ginger can often be an overpowering note in a drink but with the Deco Ginger Rum seemed to have just enough ginger to make it flavorful but not too much. The drink was best when it was cold and became more sour as it warmed.

I hope to have an opportunity to taste the Deco Ginger Rum on its own and see how it stand up against other rums, but I was impressed with it in this drink.