Review: John E. Fitzgerald “Larceny” Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Larceny Bourbon
Larceny Bourbon

 John E. Fitzgerald “Larceny” Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (46% ABV / 92 Proof, $33.99) – Larceny comes from the folks over at Heaven Hill, makers of the popular Evan Williams Bourbon as well as some of our favorite premium bourbon with the Parker’s Heritage Collection. Larceny is a wheated bourbon, which means instead of rye, the second major grain in the mashbill after corn is wheat. Larceny is blended from barrels aged six to twelve years pulled from floors 4-6 of Heaven Hill’s rick houses (which are considered prime floors).  Like Maker’s Mark, which is also a wheated bourbon, Larceny is an extremely affable whiskey, one that’s ideal to give to someone who has just begun or is about to begin their exploration of American whiskey.

From the first whiff of the nose it’s clear that Larceny is a mellow and easygoing whiskey. Brown sugar, caramel, oak, light wheat grain, and cinnamon intermingle in a nose that’s nothing short of pleasant. Larceny’s nose is all about rounded edges and there are no sharp or biting notes in the nose. The entry follows on the nose almost exactly with the sweet elements perfectly tied in to the spicy. The mouth feel on Larceny is equally as delightful, soft and round without being overly lush or oily. The flavors are fairly consistent throughout without making much of a shift as they move through the midpalate and finish. The finish is slightly spicier and drier than the entry but not by much. One of the things we love about Larceny is how the oak notes act as an aromatic when you drink it, almost the way that bitters function in an Old Fashioned.

Larceny is simply one of the most easy going and affable whiskeys we’ve had. There’s no need to add water or ice, or mix it in a cocktail – Larceny is ideal right out of the bottle. While we love strong flavors in whiskey and whiskeys that take us on a journey, there’s something to be said for a whiskey that’s just plain enjoyable, and it’s hard to think of one more easy going, flavorful, and enjoyable in this class of spirit than Larceny.