Angel’s Envy Bourbon Whiskey Review

Angel's Envy Bourbon Whiskey
Angel’s Envy Bourbon Whiskey

As a spirit ages in a barrel, a portion of that spirit evaporates (or seeps into the barrel) and is lost. That percentage of spirit lost to “the natural elements” is often referred to as the “angel’s share”.  Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson does a fairly clever play on this term with his bourbon, Angel’s Envy.  Henderson has an amazing track record with his work on  Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniel’s “Gentleman Jack” and  Single Barrel. He brings that experience to Angel’s Envy.

A unique offering in the bourbon space, Angel’s Envy takes Kentucky whiskey aged four to six years in American oak barrels and then finishes it in port casks for an additional three to six months. There have been a number of wine finished bourbons on the market, mostly in experimental releases, but none have succeeded so brilliantly as Angel’s Envy.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon – Expression 10/10 (86 proof, $49.99)  is deep amber in color. It has clearly picked up some color from its time in the port casks.  The nose has some extraordinary spice and depth with cinnamon, clove, and oak.  There are very subtle cherry and vanilla notes underneath the spice that makes this bourbon amazingly inviting. The entry is packed with flavor that balances spice, sweet and heat with cinnamon, oak, vanilla, and cherry notes all coming together perfectly.  Things build evenly from the entry to the mid palate with a superb balance of grain, wood, and  fruit flavors.  The finish is fairly long with the heat transforming to a nice cool mouthfeel and the sweet cherry and spice lingering on. This is the kind of whiskey that gets better and better as you drink through it, and it’s very difficult to drink just one glass.

With Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Lincoln Henderson has succeeded in a space where so many have failed. He’s brought bourbon and port together in a way that is so complementary, you’d think that they always go together.  This is the first port finished bourbon that we truly love and it shows off a craftsmanship that is really representative of an absolute master distiller.  If you’re looking for an amazing bourbon with complexity, balance, and flavor, Angel’s Envy is it. 5 Star Review Highest Recommendation

Note: Angel’s Envy intends to change its expression annually and we’re extremely excited to see what they do next.