Review: 383 Wink & Nod Whiskey – Grandten Distilling

 383 Wink & Nod Whiskey
383 Wink & Nod Whiskey

383 Wink & Nod Whiskey (distilled at Grandten Distilling),  52.5%, $50

Single barrel releases aren’t uncommon to find at craft bars, but a whiskey distilled by the bar’s proprietor (in this case noted distiller and mixologist Curtis McMillan) is quite rare. Dark amber color suggests high barrel impact but the wood is actually well balanced by caramel, milk chocolate, and honey nut cereal. The opening is much softer and lusher than you’d expect at this proof, and balances in the midpalate with oak, salt, cinnamon spice, and a little heat. A dry finish rounds out a unique and flavorful whiskey.  (Limited 4 cases, Grandten distillery store only)  –– 86 Points