Virtual Vodka Tasting with Purity Vodka’s Thomas Kuuttanen

Purity Vodka Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen
Purity Vodka Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen

One of the key missions of Drink Spirits is to provide interesting, entertaining, and informative content about spirits. We are here not only to help you figure out what to drink next, but to help inform and educate you about spirits. To that end we’re always looking for new and fun ways to bring you this content. This year we debuted our video series of behind the scenes looks at some of the most interesting spirits brands in the world. Your response to it has been fantastic, with over 48K video views, and tons of great comments and feedback.

We now have the opportunity to add something new to the equation: Google+ Hangout on The Air Live. While we aren’t abandoning Facebook by any means, we’ve discovered that Google+ provides us with a wealth of tools to increase our offerings to you. The major key tool, Google+ Hangout on The Air Live, enables us to broadcast live interviews, chats, and roundtables with people from all around the world.

Our debut Hangout On The Air is with Purity Vodka’s Thomas Kuuttanen.

Sweden’s most distinguished Master Blender, Thomas is unique to the vodka industry as most of his spirit expertise has derived from other prominent spirits including whiskey, liqueurs, gin, and aquavit. After a decade of meticulously refining the recipe for Purity, the multi-award winning Master Blender has succeeded in his quest to create a new category of vodka with Purity.

Watch our Google+ Hangout on The Air with Thomas Kuuttanen here. It’s the first ever Virtual Spirits Tasting broadcast live on Google+ Hangout on The Air.

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Here’s the Vodka Flavor Chart which is referred to on the Hangout. Also be sure to visit Purity Vodka’s site.

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