Medoyeff Vodka Review

Medoyeff Vodka
Medoyeff Vodka

We generally find that vodkas fall into two major categories: a more “European” style vodka where the source grain flavor is preserved and maintained and a classic “American” style vodka where as much of the grain flavor and characteristics have been removed as possible to make it neutral. These styles are more representative of a vodka’s character rather than the location it was made in.

Medoyeff Vodka (80 proof – $28) is a great example of a more “European” style vodka made in America.  In this case we’re talking far eastern europe and on to Russia with a vodka that has some distinct flavor while maintaing a very crisp clean flavor profile.  Made from premium grain and diluted with water from the Cascade mountains in Oregon, Medoyeff Vodka positions itself as a premium vodka in line with Grey Goose and Belvedere.

The nose on Medoyeff Vodka is very soft and slightly sweet with the slightest hint of grain.  The entry has a nice subtle sweetness to it that opens to a much more pronounced spicy mid-palate.  The flavor is expansive on the palate, present without being overbearing. The lightly spicy grain flavor continues through a nice long finish that finishes clean with some nice cooling at the end. There’s the slightest pin prick of heat towards the end of the mid palate which is nice and is representative of the Russian style but almost no heat or burn anywhere else, a clear indication of the very high quality of distillation and handling this spirit has had.

Medoyeff Vodka delivers an extremely solid vodka experience. Its wonderful balance of clean, sweet and spice make it ideal for drinking straight (like a traditional Russian chill shot) or over ice with some soda. The Medoyeff Vodka really sings in a Moscow Mule where the sweetness of the entry and mid-palate spice go hand in hand with a premium ginger ale.  Medoyeff Vodka is produced by Bull Run Distillery, a micro-distiller in Portland, Oregon, but there’s nothing ‘micro’ about it. Medoyeff Vodka could easily stand up as a national brand and it absolutely hits its mark as a quality Russian style premium vodka.  Very Highly Recommended