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Corrido Tequila Review

Corrido Cristalino Blanco Tequila

The tequila market is pretty crowded, which tends to push distillers to try new things to help make their product unique and stand out from the pack.  Corrido Tequila does this by taking a page out of both wine and bourbon’s playbook to create a unique line of tequilas with distinct and exceptional taste.

Corrido uses bourbon barrels to age their Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo tequila.  While this isn’t unique, what they do with those barrels is: for the Reposado and Anejo they ‘rack’ their barrels, moving the tequila from one kind of barrel to another over the life of its aging. Racking is a technique generally used for wine; doing it for tequila is a much bigger endeavor because of the way tequila is supervised. Literally every time a barrel of tequila is opened it must be supervised by the tequila governing body.  So, racking tequila isn’t something that’s really been done.  Corrido Reposado ages for six months and splits its time between bourbon barrels from Maker’s Mark and Jack Daniels. The Anejo is aged for eighteen months and spends three months in Maker’s Mark, three months in Jack Daniels, and then the reminder in a non-disclosed barrel.

Corrido’s Extra Anejo takes a page out of whiskey’s playbook as it’s offered as a single barrel. Each bottle is hand numbered to include the barrel, and in tasting tequila from different barrels we did note distinct differences.

As if all this weren’t enough, the tequila from Corrido Tequila is all single estate, meaning all the agave used for the tequila comes from the same highland estate.  When you put all these elements together, Corrido Tequila sounds like an ultra premium tequila, and while it tastes like it, the price points for it are so reasonable it almost makes you ask, “What’s the catch?”

Here’s the breakdown of Corrido Tequila:

Corrido Reposado Tequila

Corrido Cristalino Blanco Tequila ($32 – 80 proof – NOM 1526) – From the moment you nose this tequila it’s clear you are in for a treat. The soft, sweet nose has slight hints of a vegetal undertone and light floral notes. The entry is lush, smooth, very soft and clean.  Corriodo’s Cristalino can easily be held on the palate for a while without any burn. From the lush sweet opening notes the tequila moves to a bright, soft pepper which combines with the sweet agave base for a nice long finish that beautifully balances the sweet and the pepper. There’s a nice minty cool quality to the finish and it ultimately cleans up, leaving your mouth cool and dry.

Corrido Cristalino Blanco Tequila – is one of the most likable blancos we’ve tasted, exceptionally distilled and extraordinarily pleasing.   Very Highly Recommended

Corrido Reposado Tequila ($39 – 80 proof- NOM 1526) – Aged approximately six months and racked between Maker’s Mark and Jack Daniel barrels, this tequila is offered as a “Double Barreled Single-Barrel”. The final product is then bottled from each single barrel. The color of the Corrido is a very pale gold, paler than most reposados we’ve tasted. From the first nose it’s clear that this tequila has spent time in a bourbon barrel. On the nose there’s vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, and the slightest floral undertone. As with the Cristalino Blanco, the entry is very soft, buttery and sweet with extremely clear bourbon notes of vanilla and caramel. As the sweet passes your palate the spice begins to unfold, this time with soft white pepper mixed with cinnamon, oak and a hint of clove.  The long finish is a beautiful union of sweet and spicy.

Corrido Anejo Tequila

Corrido Reposado Tequila – it’s hard not to fall for Corrido Reposado, its an exceptionally enjoyable tequila that shows off  what you can do with good tequila aged in good bourbon barrels.  Very Highly Recommended

Corrido Anejo Tequila ($49 – 80 proof- NOM 1526) – Building on the Corrido Reposado, the Corrido Anejo is “Triple Barreled Single Barrel,” spending time in Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels, and an unnamed barrel for a total of eighteen months. The final product is then bottled from each single barrel. The color is a darker pale gold than the Reposado and the nose has even more distinct bourbon notes.  Where the Corrido Reposado embodies the sweeter elements of the bourbon barrel, the Anejo embodies more of the spicy. That spice is right on the nose with vanilla and caramel notes stepping back for stronger oak and cinnamon. It’s a deliciously sweet and spicy nose.  The entry clearly declares bourbon although it’s still very soft and sweet. At the front there’s very lush vanilla and caramel notes on top of a bed of pepper, oak, and cinnamon. The long finish leaves your mouth cool but with a sweet spice on your tongue. This tequila has such a nice mouthfeel that’s perfectly thick and lush without being overly sticky or filmy.

Corrido Anejo Tequila – an absolutely perfect sipping tequila that will speak loudly to bourbon drinkers. At an unbeatable price point, Corrido Anejo is absolutely the anejo to try. Very Highly Recommended

Corrido Extra Anejo

Corrido Extra Anejo ($75 – 80 proof – NOM 1439) – Just when you think the Corrido line of tequilas can’t get any better, it does. The Corrido Extra Anejo is not distilled alongside the other Corrido tequilas and that difference shows.  Aged for at least 3 years in Maker’s Mark barrels (they age to taste not to time, just like Maker’s Mark does), this tequila is offered in a single barrel. We tasted from two different barrels and each was distinct. The color of the Corrido Extra Anejo isn’t all that much darker than the Anjeo and is a lighter color than many of the extra anejos we’ve tried. The nose is deliciously spicy and sweet with distinct caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and oak. The entry is packed with flavor and is less bourbon forward than either the Corrido Reposado or the Corrido Anejo. Instead there are nice vegetal notes and a slight funk which accompanies the sweeter notes on the entry. The addition of the vegetal and funk to the sweet vanilla and caramel give this tequila a fantastic complexity.  With all that going on the entry still manages to be soft and supple. Once on the palate it opens up and moves into more spice with pepper, cinnamon and oak. It finishes strong with a nice long finish that has a slightly sour and nutty tone to  accompany the spice.

Corrido Extra Anejo – is the perfect union of great tequila and great bourbon barrels. With some great complexity and a symphony of wonderfully balanced flavors, Corrido Extra Anejo Tequila is a perfect five star tequila that will surely find its way onto our top tequila list when we revisit it next year. Priced far below most of the tequilas in its class, the Corrido Extra Anejo is an unbelievable bargain for an unbelievably good tequila.   Highest Recommendation – Best of Class

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