Booze Tech – The Black Grouse iPad App


The Black Grouse iPad App

We get a lot of feedback from our readers at Drink Spirits in comments, via email, and on Twitter (if you don’t follow us yet on Twitter, do so @DrinkSpirits). One of the things we hear a lot is that our readers want more than reviews. Recently we debuted a new feature called Booze TV to showcase some of the interesting things spirit companies are doing on television. Now we are happy to debut a new segment called Booze Tech where we feature things in the tech space that are spirit related.

The Famous Grouse, which we consider one of the most underrated Scotch blends on the market, has just launched a free iPad app for their line extension Black Grouse, a smokier cousin to Famous Grouse. The app, appropriately entitled The Black Grouse, brings together a lot of the content from the 2011 Black Grouse Distinctive Bartender tour hosted by Baratunde Thurston of #whiskyfriday fame. The Black Grouse Bartender Tour stopped in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and New York and features interviews with some of our favorite bartenders including Joe Brooke, Charles Joly, Lynette Marrero, and Lindsay Nader.

In addition to interviews with the bartenders, the app features 26 original cocktails from these notable bartenders along with photos, recipes, and videos showing how the cocktail is made.  Finally, the app features four pairing suggestions from Chef Zakary Pelaccio (Fatty ‘Cue, NYC) including the Fatty Johnson Burger, Deep Fried Bacon, and a Brisket recipe that looks amazing.

The Famous Grouse has done a nice job of capturing the essence of their distinctive bartender tour and pulled it together into a solid, simple, and free iPad app that’s worth the download.

You can download The Black Grouse iPad app via iTunes here.