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Review: Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Whiskey

Wild Turkey marks Eddie Russell's journey to Master Distiller with the oldest whiskey they've released yet, Wild Turkey Master's Keep, a 17 year old bourbon. Read our complete review.

Review: Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend

Crown Royal commemorates their 75th Anniversary with Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend Canadian Whisky. Drink Spirits has a complete review.
Monkey 47 Gin

Review: Monkey 47 Gin

Sydney Frank's newest product, Monkey 47 Gin, is a Schwarzwald Dry Gin with a price tag that puts it well above most gins in the market. We have a review.

Review: Gran Patron Piedra Tequila

Gran Patron Piedra is Patron's extra anejo tequila, an excellent product but extremely high in price. Drink Spirits has a review.

Review: Johnnie Walker & Sons Odyssey Blended Scotch Whisky

Johnnie Walker brings its ultra high end blend to the United States with John Walker & Sons Odyssey. We have a review.

Review: Cutty Sark Tam o’Shanter Blended Scotch Whisky

Cutty Sark reboots their brand with a new high end offering, Tam o'Shanter. Drink Spirits has a review.

Review: Tequila Avion Reserva 44

Drink Spirits reviews Tequila Avion Reserva 44 Extra Anejo Tequila, the brand's new ultra-premium tequila offering.

Beluga Gold Line Noble Vodka

Would you spend $200 on a Bottle of Vodka? If money is no object Beluga Gold Line Vodka may be the answer?

Crown Royal XR Canadian Whiskey Review

Crown Royal continues to explore the ultra premium Canadian whiskey space with Crown Royal XR