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The End of Flavored Vodka: Ivanabitch Tobacco Flavored Vodka

It's no surprise that a tobacco flavored vodka is dreadful, but it's an important sign that the flavored vodka run has finally come to an end.

Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry Review

After an abismal failure with Souther Comfort Fiery Pepper, Southern Comfort is Back with Bold Black Cherry and it's another big miss.

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper Review

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper really misses the mark.

Rouge Vodka Review

An eye catching bottle and interesting concept of filtering vodka through rose petals isn't executed well.
Rouge Spirits

Rogue Distillery Spirits Reviewed

"Some people like our stuff and some people don't, and that's just fine with us." - Gary Fleshman, General Manager, Rogue Ales It was a pretty...