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It’s Time For Nutritional Information on Alcohol Labels

The latest flap about Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and propylene glycol reinforces the need for alcohol companies to put nutritional information on the bottle.

Review: Jägermeister Spice

Jägermeister releases the first line extension in its history with Jägermeister Spice, a seasonal limited edition. Drink Spirits has the complete review as well as a refresh review of the original Jägermeister.

Bar Convent Berlin – Berlin’s Amazing Bar Show

Bar Convent Berlin is one of the best bar shows in the world and Drink Spirits has the full report from the 2012 Berlin Bar Show.

Barenjager Honey & Bourbon Review

Barenjager jumps into the flavored whiskey space with one of the best efforts we've tried yet.

Fuchen Herbal Liqueur Review

Fuchen makes an attempt to become a grown up version of Jägermeister but falls short in the delivery.