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Plantation Stiggins' Fancy Dark Pineapple Rum

Review: Plantation Stiggin’s Fancy Dark Pineapple Rum

Plantation Rum creates a love note to both pineapple and rum in Plantation Stiggin's Fancy Dark Pineapple Rum, one of the best flavored rums we've tried. Read our complete review.
Captain Morgan Flavored Rum

Review: Captain Morgan Grapefruit, Coconut, and Pineapple Rum

Captain Morgan releases three flavored offerings: Captain Morgan Grapefruit, Captain Morgan Pineapple, and Captain Morgan Coconut Rum. Drink Spirits has a review.
Malibu Island Spice

Review: Malibu Island Spiced Rum

We review Malibu Island Spiced Low Calorie Rum