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How Tequila is Made: Behind the Scenes of Don Julio Tequila

Drink Spirits takes you behind the scenes of the Don Julio Tequila Distillery to show you how tequila is made.

Ask Drink Spirits: Does How Many Times Something is Distilled Matter?

The debut of Drink Spirits new Q&A Column. This week addressing how important the number of times something is distilled.

The Classic Margarita – Drink Spirits Happy Hour

The Drink Spirits Happy Hour takes a look at the classic margarita with tastings of Tequila Avion, Patron and Don Julio

Best New Spirits Introduced at Tales of the Cocktail

Tales of the Cocktail is the annual epicenter of the spirt and cocktail industry. We wrap up the best new spirits introduced at Tales of the Cocktail.

Don Julio Tequila Review

In many ways it's a heavy burden for a master distiller to work on a legendary spirit line. That task is even harder...