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Review: Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Whiskey

Wild Turkey releases a tribute to one of the greatest men in American whiskey, Jimmy Russell, with Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Whiskey. We have a review.

Review: Orphan Barrel Rhetoric Whiskey

Orphan Barrel has its third whiskey release with Rhetoric 20 Year Old Whiskey. Drink Spirits has a complete review as well as a comparison to Barterhouse.

Gift Guide: Great American Whiskey

Drink Spirit's Holiday Gift Guide with four great American Whiskeys that make great gifts, including Blanton's, George Dickel, Larceny, and Johnny Drum.

Bully Boy American Straight Whiskey

Bully Boy in Boston, MA releases their first aged whiskey - The Bully Boy American Straight Whiskey. We have a review.

Deerhammer Buena Vista Brandy and Downtime Single Malt Whiskey Reviews

Deerhammer Distilling's Downtime Single Malt Whiskey and Buena Vista Brandy are unfortunate examples of the pitfall of craft distilling.

A Visit to Jim Beam

Drink Spirits brings you behind the scenes of the new Jim Beam American Stillhouse and Distillery Tour