Ron de Jeremy Rum Review

Ron de Jeremy Rum from Ron Jeremy
Ron de Jeremy Rum from Ron Jeremy

Over the past few years a number of celebrities have gotten into the spirits game:  Dan Aykroyd with Crystal Head Vodka, Bruce Willis with Sobieski, and even “The Situation” with Devotion Vodka.  These performers have brought their star power to help bolster the brands they are associated with. Recently, the adult industry started to find their way into spirits, including Vivid Entertainment and their Vivid Vodka, Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane’s Diosa Tequila, and now Ron Jeremy with Ron de Jeremy “The Adult Rum”.

Ron Jeremy, probably one of the most recognizable male adult performers, uses a play-on-words and a classic pencil sketch of himself  to lend his signature mark to this rum. “Ron” translates to rum in Spanish and so Ron de Jeremy literally means Rum of Jeremy.  We suspect that people will be more drawn to the novelty factor of a Ron Jeremy Rum than be concerned with what’s inside the bottle.  For us, a great concept also needs a great delivery to make it worthwhile.

Ron de Jeremy Rum (80 Proof $30) –  is a seven year old Panamanian rum that is deep amber in color. The nose is deep vanilla, caramel and toasted molasses, with the slightest hint of spice. There’s just a little bite to the nose.  The entry is surprisingly spicy with immediate wood (excuse the pun). The woodsy spice has a lot of bourbon-like qualities, with cinnamon, oak and clove.  These flavors play well in the rum base with the spicy doing a fantastic job of balancing out the sweet tones.  The initial spice hit subsides a bit by the mid-palate where the sweeter, richer tones begin to come out, with deep vanilla flavor coming on to join the spice.  The finish is extremely long and spicy with a fair amount of heat that comes in.

Honestly we are quite surprised by the Ron de Jeremy Rum. With the kitschy porn star branding, we weren’t expecting a ton from what’s inside the bottle, but we really enjoy this rum. Ron de Jeremy has a really nice complexity and balance. The mouthfeel is superb and it drinks extremely well straight. Mixed, this rum does a lot better as a stand-in for bourbon in cocktails than in traditional sweeter rum drinks, but it’s still excellent in the proverbial “rum and coke”.  A lot of people will probably buy Ron de Jeremy because of Ron Jeremy, but they’ll buy their second bottle because it’s a quality rum. 4 Star Rating Highly Recommended.