Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Review

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

It’s fairly rare at Drink Spirits to get something in and then have our staff polish off almost half a bottle within the first day.  Perhaps that’ll give you an indication of just how intoxicatingly alluring Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is. Made from a blend of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and a proprietary honey liqueur, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is one of the more exciting new entries in the whiskey space since Maker’s 46.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey ($22 – 70 proof) – amber yellow in color, this liqueur looks a lot like a bottle of clover honey. The nose is sweet and spicy, with solid cinnamon notes and a light floral undertone. The entry opens with clear honey notes which is quickly backed up by a perfect level of cinnamon. There’s more spice here than heat and the spice is absolutely dialed in. The cinnamon fades in the mid-palate and gives way to a subtle milk chocolate note which lingers after a fairly swift finish. There’s absolutely no heat in the finish, and for a sweet honey liqueur, it impressively doesn’t leave a heavy residue on the palate.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is one of the most drinkable whiskey-based liqueurs we’ve ever had. It manages to be sweet without stickiness, and it balances that sweetness with a lovely amount of cinnamon and spice.  We were very surprised when we find out that this liqueur is 70 proof, as there is almost no alcohol burn whatsoever in the spirit.   The Jack Daniel’s folks recommend drinking Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey chilled, which only serves to make it even easier to drink – it’s the kind of thing that leads to drinking half a bottle in a sitting.  Jack Daniel’s has simply hit a home run with this liqueur and we’re sure it will win a lot of people who are drinking or shooting other liqueurs. We also anticipate it being a bridge to whiskey for those who’ve never explored the category.  5 Star Review Highest Recommendation

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is available nationally. Be sure to check out our Behind The Scenes: Making Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrels as well as our Jack Daniel’s Unaged Whiskey Review.