J. Witty Spirits Organic Chamomile Liqueur

J. Witty Spirits Chamomile Liqueur
J. Witty Chamomile Liqueur

When it comes to herbal liqueur there are a lot of options out there, but many are either very bitter (like Green Chartreuse and Cynar), very strong (like Jägermeister and Killepitsch), or both (like Fernet Branca).

J, Witty Spirits enters this space with an Organic Chamomile Liqueur that is distinctively different with a much lighter and feminine flavor profile.

J Witty Spirits Organic Chamomile Gourmet Liqueur (40 proof, $24 for 375ml) is perhaps the longest named spirit we’ve reviewed yet. My first reaction to nosing it was, “Wow, that smells nice.” It has a very beautiful and sweet chamomile nose with cinnamon spice and an undercurrent of honey. At 40 proof there’s absolutely no fire on the taste. It’s extremely easy drinking with soft sweet honey apricot notes that support an herbal and florally chamomile core. Its finish is also incredibly soft and sweet with the slightest bitter aftertone.

While this spirit can absolutely be enjoyed on its own, it really shows its range in the company’s signature drink:

Lady Grey
1 ½ oz. gin (I used Oxley Gin)
1 ½ oz. J. Witty Chamomile
¼ oz. fresh lemon juice
Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

In the Lady Grey, the J. Witty Chamomile’s herbal qualities seem to stand out more with clearer spice and a sweet apricot tone. The drink impressed everyone on our tasting panel (especially the women).  The Lady Grey is a delicious drink that is extremely simple to make and is a fantastic cocktail party alternative to a cosmopolitan. For a more complex treatment of it check out Jacob Grier’s Chamomile Flip recipe.

J. Witty’s commitment to quality ingredients really shows in the cup with this extremely well-crafted spirit.  It’s an important entry into the herbal liqueur space as a lighter and sweeter alternative.

J Witty Spirits Organic Chamomile Gourmet Liqueur:
Highly Recommended – an excellent herbal liqueur for people who find some of the other options too strong or too bitter. Also an extremely easy and delicious mixing liqueur.