Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey Review

Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey
Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey

When it comes to Irish whiskey, there are only a precious few which are actually produced by Irish companies.  To some, this is a very strong point of pride. Michael Collins is one of these last Irish whiskeys produced at an independent, Irish-owned distiller (Cooley Distiller, which also produces Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey).

In addition to being distilled by the Irish (and named after an iconic Irishman), the Michael Collins differs from many other Irish whiskeys because its double distilled rather than triple distilled. This gives it a distinctly different character.

Michael Collins recently went through a fairly radical remake, ditching their signature tall bottle for a shorter bottle and new label that together looks “more” Irish.

Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey (80 proof – $22) is medium dark amber in color. The nose is very soft and slightly muted with a front note that reminds us of cardboard, supported by some light, sweet vanilla and a hint of funk. The entry is sweet and very light, filling your mouth with flavor without being overwhelming. Michael Collins is less sweet than Jameson but brings along some nice flavor notes including some smoke, a little wood, an undertone of raisin and a hint of white pepper.  The mid-palate is very short and the finish is extremely quick and fairly cool.

Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey – seems to be an ideal candidate for a mixing whiskey. Since it’s double distilled, it’s not quite as silky soft as some of the other Irish whiskeys we’ve tried, which means it should perform better when mixed. Although it isn’t as soft, it’s still not overly aggressive and it manages to maintain the easy drinking quality that most come to expect from Irish whiskey.  Combine all that with the reasonable price and it’s an Irish whiskey we recommend.  3.5 Star Rating Solidly Recommended