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Makers Mark
Makers Mark

For the longest time, when I’d go into a bar and the bartender asked me what I wanted I’d stare blankly and try to figure out something interesting to order.  Nine times out of ten I’d ultimately default to something safe, something familiar.

“Makers on the rocks” became my standard answer because I knew, like a Starbucks latte, I’d be pretty much guaranteed the same beverage, prepared the same way wherever I went.

There’s nothing wrong with having a standby and in many bars I still happily order my very familiar “Makers on the rocks”, and in many ways I’ll always have a soft spot for the ole’ Maker’s Mark for being one of the first steps on my spirits journey.

But the world of cocktails and spirits is so vast that it’s almost tragic the way so many people corner themselves in the world of the familiar.  Over the course of the past year I’ve tasted so many amazing and unique drinks and spirits that it’s hard to imagine a universe where I only really order one drink.

This journey has been an interesting one and so I’ve decided to share it. My hope is to demystify the world of cocktails and spirits. Give an unpretentious view of the various things out there that you can select from when you want to drink.

My view comes from ‘the other side of the bar’. I am not  a bartender or a formal mixologist, and my reviews aren’t the kind of things you’d find in places like The Malt Advocate. My hope is that I can give some advice, inspiration and insight into this wonderful world of spirits.

Also to be clear I have NOTHING against Beer and Wine. I do enjoy drinking both, but I feel like they are well covered in print and online. It’s a lot easier to get good info on beers and wine than spirits.

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