The Verdita – Tequila’s Best Friend

The Verdita
The Verdita

Over the years we’ve done our fair share of tequila shots, but one of the most memorable was at the Casita Bar in London.  While we’ve had sangrita (“little blood”), made from pomegranate, red chili, fresh orange juice and fresh tomatoes, to accompany our tequila, it was nothing compared the Verdita (“little green”) that we experienced at Casita.

Casita’s main barman, Will Foster, brought the verdita back from Mexico. ” The tradition comes from the south of Mexico and was created on their flag day. One would take a shot of the verdita, followed by the tequila, and finishing with the sangrita, representing the colours of the Mexican flag,” explains Will.

The recipe is fairly simple (and the spiciness can be adjusted based on how many peppers you use):


1 bunch of cilantro (a bunch is basically a handful)
1/2 bunch of mint
3 green jalapenos (this can be scaled back if it’s too spicy)
1 can of pasteurised pineapple juice (Dole’s 46 oz can works perfectly)

Blend the mix, and then strain it and chill well before serving.

Unlike the sangrita, which is meant to be sipped alongside tequila, the Verdita is meant to be shot immediately before you drink a shot of tequila. The experience is so tasty and refreshing, once you try it, you may retire your lime and salt accompaniment all together in favor of the Verdita!  While not everyone can make it out to Casita to try Will’s amazing Verdita, we encourage you to give it a go at home. It’s a fairly easy recipe and the result is simply delicious.

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