Security Hangover Remedy Review

Security Hangover Remedy
Security Hangover Remedy

There’s something exhilarating about going out on a bender, taking a hangover cure/remedy, and waking up the next morning feeling fine. It feels like you’ve beaten the odds, cheated out some pain and suffering that you had more than earned.  But there are few things worse than taking a hangover remedy only to wake up the next morning with a massive hangover. You don’t feel like you’ve cheated anything, rather that you’ve been cheated.

After doing our piece Four Hangover Cures That Actually Work, we got a number of other remedies that also wanted to be put to the test, so we tested them.  Like all our testing, we tested the remedy on more than one occasion and by more than one person.

Security Feel Better – Anti-Hangover Drink ($10.99 for 2 1oz Bottles / $5.50 per use) [Ingredients: Fructose, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Angelical Leaf Extract, Yunnan Tea Extract, Glycerin, Artificial Pear Flavoring and Lemon Juice] – significantly more expensive that almost any other hangover remedy we’ve tried, Security is almost double that of the Zaca Herbal patch or The Last Round, both of which worked extremely well. It has a light, sweet pear taste with a slightly herbal undertone.

We tested Security Feel Better out several times, each with differing amounts of alcohol and alcohol types. Each time, Security failed in any and every way to prevent or even lessen a hangover.  We emailed the company, which said that “Hepaprotectors have no efficacy on certain isolated types of groups, which have a genetic predisposition not to assimilate them and process it at the liver.”  Since more than one of our team tried the product, we can only assume that either the product doesn’t work or that the group of people who it doesn’t work for is big enough to include both our testers.

Either way, at double the price of things that consistently and clearly worked for us, it’s impossible to recommend Security.  Even if it were to work on some other group of people, it’s too expensive and too much of a crap shoot to recommend that anyone find out.  Not Recommended