Review: Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine
Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine

Not every spirit we receive has a deep back story attached to it, and many readers have requested that we try to cover more products that cross our desk. To do this, we’re trying out a shorter form review. This won’t supplant our long form, analytical reviews for landmark products, but it should enable us to cover more ground and give you more intelligence on more products.

The first of these products is Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine. It has debuted at the Ole Smoky Distillery and is set to roll out nationally in the middle of this year. We’ve covered Ole Smoky pretty extensively, including behind the scenes and a detailed look at their aged product Ole Smoky Charred Moonshine (with a musing on how they keep up with all their sales volumes). Now, Ole Smoky has a product that’s aimed at delivering on the moonshine promise, with solid flavor, combining sugar and corn, and delivered at a high proof.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine (64% ABV, 128 proof, $34.95) – this is a sugar wash moonshine where the leftover corn mash from corn whiskey has sugar added to it, then it’s fermented and distilled.  Yeasty ground corn on the nose with white pepper, and apple blossom. Fewer edges on the nose than you’d expect for this proof. Soft, round, and sweet entry with vanilla, sugar cane, and yeasty cornbread. Midpalate is a big pepper kick with white and black pepper and a solid dash of heat. There’s a sharp punch at the end of the midpalate, but it’s purposeful and pleasant. The heat and spice drive a dry a finish on a spirit that drinks more like you’d expect a moonshine to taste: sweet and corny with a nice punch. Ole Smoky is initially selling their Blue Flame in their Gatlinburg, TN store “The Holler” with plans of launching in nationally in mid 2015.  83 points.

Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine is a good indicator that the moonshine space will continue to grow and flourish, and that there’s room for innovation, outside the flavored moonshine space.

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  • Wade

    Is this paid advertising content?

    • NO! We NEVER do paid advertising content!!!!

      • Wade

        Well that’s good to know. I guess I just don’t get the allure of these ‘moonshine’ products or even the white whiskies put out by others. I can buy many well made well aged KY Straight Bourbons for way less than this price.

        • Moonshine is a stepping stone for folks who aren’t yet ready to get into the aged whiskey space but are curious about the world beyond vodka. There’s also a built in coolness factor and the allure of old Americana. On this expression, I think OIe Smoky hit their mark. I also covered over 20 White Dogs a while back:

          It’s honestly not a spirit category I consume a lot of, but again I understand its place in the scheme of things. Thanks again for your comment, it is good to question the content out there, unlike Drink Spirits MANY publications DO take paid content, it’s not our business model, and if you search through our reviews you’ll see we cover the full range of products and always call out things that miss the mark.

  • link07

    My state doesn’t have a moonshine making history, but i had a roomate from North Carolina that told awesome stories so i wanted to try moonshine at least once. I bought a jar of midnight moon, that was super smooth and reminded me of vodka, and i called my old roomate who recommended ole smoky as being close to the real thing. Honestly i like whiskey neat so i poured a glass of blue flame over ice. It was not bad, but much to strong for me. But im glad its being made, and i hope the trend doesn’t wear off.