Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Review

Ole Smokey Tennesse Moonshine
Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

There’s a lot of mystery and mystique around moonshine, and often the misperception that it’s fire water or on par with turpentine. The truth is that moonshine is more accurately aligned with Grandma’s home baked apple pie than the drink-it-and-you’ll-go-blind image it seems to have gotten over the years.  Moonshine is often made from corn, although since it’s historically been an unregulated spirit, it can be made from just about anything.

Unlike many un-aged whiskeys on the market (often sold under the moniker of white dog or white whiskey), moonshine isn’t an interim step between distillation and aging. It’s a product that’s designed to be drunk clear, and in the case of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, it’s designed to be drunk straight out of the jar.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine (100 proof  $34.95) has a very light and sweet corn nose without any vapors whatsoever (pretty amazing for a 100 proof spirit). The entry has a little bite and is less sweet than the nose. The corn notes come in pretty solid as we move into the mid palate where the heat increases noticeably.  There’s a sugary, rum-like note that steps in towards the end of the mid-palate where things get a little vapory.  The finish is pretty quick as the heat begins to fade and things ultimately finish up pretty clean.

When we first got the jar of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, we tried pouring it out into glasses, which ended up as a little bit of a disaster as it’s not an easy task to cleanly pour from a mason jar into a glass. We were then told that the moonshine was designed to be, and is traditionally, drunk from the jar itself.  Drinking out of a mason jar is actually quite fun, and a nice change.  We really like the nose of this moonshine and the taste does a fair job of matching it.  We aren’t over the moon with the flavor shift towards the end of the mid-palate, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying this “moonshine experience”.  At $34 it does come in a little on the high side of things, a full $12 over Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey which we are huge fans of.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Apple Pie Moonshine (40 proof  $34.95) – A significant drop in proof from the main moonshine makes the apple pie moonshine extremely easy to drink in fairly large quantities. The nose is distinctively apple and spice, a little like spiced apple cider. If you didn’t know it had alcohol in it, you wouldn’t be able to tell from smelling it.  The entry is appley sweet to the start and then it transitions in the mid palate to more spicy with deep cinnamon and allspice flavors.  The apple flavors here are much more apple pie than apple cider and it picks up a slight vinegary note at the end of the mid palate.  The finish is longer than the original moonshine with apple flavors lingering for quite some time.

We like the fact that Ole Smoky Tennessee Apple Pie Moonshine isn’t sticky sweet, and it’s legions beyond the Travis Hasse’s Original Apple Pie Liqueur that’s on the market. As with the traditional Ole Smoky Moonshine, you drink the Apple Pie Moonshine straight from the mason jar.  It’s a nice treat and a good way to experience a softer, sweeter, and more fruity introduction to drinking moonshine.

  • HALE


    • Doug

      I try it and it tasted like burnt vodka

    • West Va. Shiner

      It’s found in the large liquor stores all over the U.S. except Utah and Oregon.

  • greg

    i baught in florida at abc liquors for 25$

  • Some Guy In Tennessee

    Ole Smokey tastes like they filtered it with burnt leaves and sticks. It is absolutely awful. Popcorn Sutton’s moonshine, however, is fantastic.

    • Doug

      You are right it is no good.I got 2QTs of it $25.99 +tax each. for the low grade shine and cant eveing drink it.This give moonshiners a bad name and should not be sold

  • Nikolaus Alvarado

    The under the table moonshine is actually where ya get the knock you on your ass tales about, coming in usually 180- 195 proof its usually near pure alcohol where as it has to be watched and have what i believe to be 110 proof or lower to legally be sold, and in the south Mason jars are actually quite common, its damn near all we drink out of in our house.

  • jerry mahaffey

    ole smokey has got the smell of real moonshine, the others that i’ve tried don’t smell like the real deal

    • Doug

      i dont know what it is.BUT THAT IS NOT SHINE

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  • sweets

    i just bought the ole smoky apple pie tonight, it’s really tasty, im going camping tomorrow & im gonna bring the 100 proof clear moonshine….im a whiskey drinker & i highly recommend this brand…nice clean buzz feeling!

  • first time shiner

    I just bought the 100 proof clear moonshine and I have to say its a lot smoother and cleaner than I ever expected. It holds up very well on its own but also mixes nicely with cranberry juice or even when taken as a shot dropped into red bull. Highly recommended. Unfortunately I don’t live in Tennessee so I can’t sample Popcorn Suttons but I’d love to if it ever makes it to Colorado.

  • linda

    Never had moonshine before ole smokys moonshine is very good cherry and apple pie have not tryed the others

  • I purchased some Ole Tennesse moonshine and I swear it taste like tequila. Is that what true corn moonshine should taste like? I also tried some strawberry moonshine also at 100 proof and it had a clean alcohol taste and nothing like the tequila smell/taste.. Any help??

  • I tried some of the Tennesse corn moonshine & it was as good as any moonshine that I’ve had in the past. It has that corn smell & taste that I love.

  • Huskee

    Is Tim from Moonshiners TV show making his legal shine yet? If so, is it for sale? I want to try his, as I trust whatever this guy does.

  • paul schramm

    Old Smokey moonshine original does taste like they filtered it with burnt leaves on a stick. It’s not good

  • David

    Anyone who says this stuff is good is an idiot. It is chock full of harsh, fusel alcohols. I have had homemade moonshine that was as smooth and delicious as it could be. This is the opposite of that. I feel like someone just stole $22.00 from my wallet. I will be writing the company.

  • Brandon

    @ huskee, you do know that show is fake right ?

  • Ol Tennessee moonshine does taste like tequila I’ve had junior Johnsons midnight moon.moonshine and I love it a lil to much gone through 4 bottles in the past month it taste great smooth as hell and taste nothing like tequila so if your looking for a good moonshine midnight moon made by junor Johnson u can get it at ABC liquors in
    Florida for shure but if you like tequila ol tennesse moonshine is probably your best bet but I like junor Johnson’s shine the best

  • tim sneed

    Just bought ole smoky at caraluzzi’s in ct. Not the best i had, but is good as a mixed drink. Made a pretty good whiskey sour and Margarita for friends. 24 bucks

  • R Roberts

    Not exactly thrilled with the whole moonshine experience. Bought a bottle of original (100 proof) old smokey and it tastes bad. Now I know where the turpentine comments come from. Opened the lid, took a sniff and thought I bought some kind of solvent. I’ve been watering it down with apple cider to get thru it but still has a nasty aftertaste. Also bought some apple pie and it’s better but most likely because it’s so weak (40 proof) Never again. Junior Johnson’s is much smoother but the wife and I thought it was more like vodka so why bother at the inflated prices.

  • West Va. Shiner

    I’ve tried many legal shines and it’s the best but far. ORIGINAL shine is made from heat produced by a WOOD FIRE thus the “burnt” taste. I’ve seen it being made and I know for sure that it’s the most accurate for it’s alcohol content. Feds only allow legal to be 100 proof.

  • kmac

    why can it only be 100 proof, everclear and bacardi 151 are alot higher then that

  • Shane

    For everyone who says it taste good, you’re completely nuts. I can usually drink anything straight, no problem, but this stuff is terrible. It’s not supposed to taste good, but hell, it’s almost undrinkable. I’ve tried mixing it in drinks, which ended being a waste, because it didn’t mask the taste whatsoever. I have to literally force myself to gag this terrible crap down. Biggggg disappointment.

  • ubahlee

    Bought some of the Cherry, thought mixing it with coke would be good. Nope, it taste like metal. Some of the others talked about a solvent taste, that’s there too. $24 I’ll never get back.

  • Tigris

    I’m not sure where they’re paying $34.95, but I have bought it directly from the distillery and it’s only $24.95. It does not taste like tequila. I absolutely despise tequila and I love Ole Smoky, although I get the references to a solvent smell. But I notice that solvent smell with a lot of hard liquors. The original is good in lemonade and cranberry. If you’re gonna drink it straight, it’s much better out of the freezer. The cherries are excellent in Coke or Dr. Pepper (or I just pop ’em in my mouth one after another :-D). My favorite is the blackberry. So good….

    • Kirk Hilles

      At the distillery at Pigeon Forge, its $25 for 40 proof ones and $35 for the 80+ proof ones. In my local TN liquor store, all flavors are $25.99.

      • Tigris

        80 proof was not available last time I was able to visit the distillery…. I hope to get back soon! I miss TN!

  • KR

    I haven’t enjoyed my LemonDrop 20% yet-just got today at BevMo in Redlands. Have found jrJohns at ie store for $19.99. Ole smokey was going $21.99.

  • tizzle

    I tried the Apple Pie variety and did not care for it. At 40 proof, there is no way it should have been that bitter. I think they make it bitter so people will get the burn they think you get from real north of 180 proof shine.

    It was dissapointing.

  • John Mankiller

    I have had a wide variety of liquors in my lifetime, however Ole Smokey has to be the worst ‘shine ever!! I lived in Tennesee and had many pulls from fruit jars that were as smooth as water, this stuff gives the whiskey industry a bad name… I tried to give this stuff to an invenerent alcoholic and was turned down flat, she stated ” I’d rather drink Sterno”… I will never purchase this product EVER AGAIN!!!

  • Rodney Mckee

    Bought some while in gatlinburg ! And by the heated afternoon .. pulling it out of the freezer .. it was slush . The hell … I couldn’t put a straw in it .. !

  • Robert Pedigo

    This stuff is garbage, it has a terrible medicine after taste like most legal moonshine. For all those who have never had real moonshine I guess you would think it’s great because the price is 10 times higher than real moonshine. This stuff is garbage for a Kentucky man WHO KNOWS WHAT THE REAL STUFF IS

    • Robert Pedigo

      Take a swig or good ole rubbing alcohol from walmart, it’s about the same as this crap.

  • Virtuosa Calderon

    Where could you buy it from jamey