Sobieski Vodka Review

Sobieski Vodka
Sobieski Vodka

There’s a lot of debate over where vodka originated. Both Russia and Poland lay claim to being the homeland for the spirit and neither can definitively back up that claim.  While Sobieski Vodka isn’t Poland’s oldest vodka (Polish vodka dates back to the middle ages), it does date back to 1864.

Sobieski Vodka (80 proof – $13.99) is made from 100% pure Dankowski Rye grain and the nose really reflects it.  There’s a slight hint of lemon riding on an wave of spice.  The entry is bold for a vodka, with a three part symhony of flavor: lemon on the top note, sweet vanilla in the middle, and spicy rye grain underneath.  The mouth feel of the Sobieski is really nice, balancing a nice cool and soft entry with a much drier and sharp finish.  The finish is very nice, cool and dry, without being overly dry, and with the slightest hint of sugar.

One of the things we love about Sobieski is the way it delivers its flavors; with slightly sweet mid notes, citrus top notes and grain undertones, there’s a lot in this vodka to work with. Sobieski shines well in the proverbial vodka soda, is good straight up or chilled, and works very well in a martini. Even at 80 proof, Sobieski is strong enough to not completely disappear in drinks.

Sobieski Vodka – We’ve made our way through a lot of vodka lately and the Sobieski is a notable stand out. Given the quality level and complexity in this vodka, and the fact that it priced well under $15, there’s a lot to get excited about it in this vodka. Sobieski might have Bruce Willis taking it up, but the spirit does a fantastic job of speaking for itself.  Sobieski is yet another great vodka that often gets mistakenly overlooked.  We’re a big fan and and give it Very Highly Recommended

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  • Justin

    I had just gone to pick up some Blue Skky and had come up short on cash being a college student and what not and was suggested to try sobieski. it was pretty cheap so I wasn’t expecting much but I figured worst case I mix but to my very pleasant suprise this Vodka was wonderfull on it’s own and really reminded me of much more expensive vodka’s. I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else in the future. Its Clearly well above anything in its price range and hell even most vodka’s double its price

  • w.

    The truth about vodka is that
    1. it is not expensive to produce
    2. authentic vodka is made either of rye or potato
    In my country most of vodka’s price is tax. I am from Poland and believe me I know what I am talking about. This is premium vodka, 100% recommended. The quality is highest, the price is just setting, more expensive vodkas might be just marketing-based priced but it has nothing to do with quality.

    The one thing that I don’t like in Sobieski is that it has big English VODKA on the bottle instead of Polish WÓDKA. That’s it. 🙂

    • ReckonSo

      I just switched from other vodkas to Polish WODKA, Why? Because I admire the Polish People and their sense of loyalty to their Country and Culture. I will support Poland any way I can !

  • Mateusz

    I have to agree almost entirely. Sobieski is an amazing vodka, not just for the price, but compared to others priced much higher. I lived about two years in Poland, and became well acquainted with Polish wódka (vodka, if you like), and was saddened when coming back to the US that I would have to leave behind so much liquid bliss. I was more than happy to find a bottle of Sobieski, with it’s red and white label and featuring an image of the Lion Of Lichtenstein himself.

  • Denis

    Recently I have been reading a lot of Sobieski vodka, and I must say all of those comments couldn’t have comed from suspicous backgrounds, beacause a lot of high-profiled sites that judge the quality, price and much more of the beverages we have, like for instance Sobieski vodka are true, I am looking forward to taste the high-raising Sobieski vodka. Only one thing confuses me, the prices for this vodka in the US are around 10$ mark or is it more expensive than that ? Then in Europe the price should be around 8€. Matesuz only one thing I simply must reply to your comment, the image on the vodka you were talking about is truly about a lion, but not the Lion of Lichenstein, it was The Lion of Lechia (historical alternative name for Poland) or in other words The Lion of Poland 🙂

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  • Mateusz

    Denis: Oops, you are correct. I meant “Lechia”… stupid auto correct >_>

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