Drink Spirits VLOG: Trinidad Day 3, Angostora Rum & Fun (S1 E3)

Rum and Fun in Trinidad

Rum and Fun in Trinidad

In the third episode of our Drink Spirits Video Log (or VLOG for short), Drink Spirits explores Trinidad including a visit to Yerette, a humming bird preserve.

In this episode we also go to an Angostura pairing lunch, showing the use of Angostura Bitters in food as well as an Angostura Rum tasting.

Then we venture off the trail into the Trinidad nightlife, where everything doesn’t always go as planned.

Join us on our adventure in Trinidad and watch Drink Spirits VLOG: Trinidad Day 3, Angostora Rum and Fun.

In case you missed it, be sure to watch Episode 1: “The Road To Trinidad and Episode 2: Behind the Scenes of Angostura Rum and Bitters

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