• Cardhu 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review

    Cardhu 12 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    We haven’t reviewed many single malt scotch whiskys on Drink Spirits, because we feel it’s important to cover a wide range of spirits and not get too caught up with any one category (and it’s VERY easy to get caught up with single malt scotch).  Truth be told, we are absolute lovers of single malt scotch whisky. When the day is at an end and we’re done sipping, tasting and writing, you’ll often find a nice peaty Islay scotch in our hands.  We recognize that the single malt scotch category is intimidating. Even we get overwhelmed by the vastness of the category and the unfortunate fact that, in this category, age and price don’t always equate quality. Previously we brought you a deconstruction of one of the most popular scotch whisky blends, Chivas Regal 18. Chivas 18 is a fantastic entry point into the […]

  • Deconstructing Chivas Regal 18

    Deconstructing Chivas Regal 18

    Blended whiskey often gets a bad rap. In the case of Canadian Whiskey this bad rap is often quite well earned with whiskey mixed with grain spirit and flavorings that it rarely resembles whiskey at all. However this bad rap shouldn’t be carried over to blended Scotch Whisky. When it comes to Scotch Whisky, there are some fantastic options with high quality ingredients that are  absolutely worth your consideration. We recently had the opportunity to participate in a deconstruction tasting of the elements that go into Chivas Regal 18. It was an interesting breakdown of the elements, aromas and tastes which are brought together to make the popular blended scotch. Here’s a break down of the spirits which are blended together to make Chivas Regal 18:

  • Whisky Fest Chicago

    Whisky Fest Chicago

    I didn’t quite know what to expect from Whiskyfest Chicago. When I first got the schedule I was surprised at how relatively short the event is: doors opened at 5:30pm for VIP and press, and then at 6:30 for everyone else with the event completely wrapping up by 9:30. Flying out to Chicago for a little over three hours of whisky seemed a little excessive and I had a hard time imagining how much you could really get out of three hours of tasting. Then I discovered that in Chicago, Whiskyfest is actually a full week of events including guest bar tending, pairing dinners, samplings and more. There’s so much going on every night that it’s simply impossible to do it all. If you can believe it, there’s even an after party after the Whiskyfest itself (although by 9:30 that […]

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