• Putting White Dog Down

    Putting White Dog Down

    When we first launched Drink Spirits we were very enthusiastic about white dog (or unaged whiskey).  Our excitement in this space was further fueled by Max Watman and his book, Chasing The White Dog. In addition to inspiring us, the book has been massively influential, helping move white dog into the national press spotlight, including the New York Times piece, “Raw Whiskey Finds New Craftsmen and Enthusiasts“. We also got spoiled at the start of our white dog adventure with Fingerlakes Distilling’s Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey and Charbay’s Double & Twisted light whiskey, two exceptional and unique spirits that represent some of the very best in this category. As we’ve continued our adventure we’ve found that our introduction into the space was atypical of the category, which is populated more by disappointing spirits than exceptional ones. At it’s best, white dog can be a very raw and […]

  • Dry Fly Vodka, Gin and Whiskey Reviewed

    Dry Fly Vodka, Gin and Whiskey Reviewed

    When it comes to micro-distillers committed to using local, sustainable and quality ingredients and distilling them perfectly, Dry Fly Distilling is blazing trails and making a huge name for itself. The buzz around Dry Fly is warranted. We tried their Vodka, Gin, and Whiskey and found each to be expertly crafted and all delicious. Of the three, our absolute favorite is the Dry Fly Vodka. By definition, vodka is supposed to be a neutral grain spirit, nearly orderless and flavorless. Dry Fly bucks this convention and lets their grain shine through. It’s a bold move that pays off extremely well. Here’s how the Dry Fly spirits fared with our panel: Dry Fly Vodka – (80 proof) For anyone who badmouths vodka as being bland and boring, this is the vodka that will rock your world. With a very sweet nose that […]

  • Urban Farmer’s Revolutionary Custom Whiskey Program

    Urban Farmer’s Revolutionary Custom Whiskey Program

    Before prohibition it wouldn’t be uncommon to find a still inside most farm houses. Farmers used to preserve the value of their grain by distilling what they didn’t sell at market into whiskey and then selling it outside of the harvest season. Local, small batch whiskey used to be extremely common in America, but the practice was almost completely eradicated by the temperance movement in the 1920s and the ban on the production and sale of alcohol in America. We are now in a spirits renaissance with a significant number of small, artisan micro-distilleries re-emerging across the country. This explosion has created a frenzy around unique, local artisan spirits. In Portland, Oregon, one restaurant has built a bridge between the old farmhouse still and the micro-distillery boom, taking the plunge to create one of the first custom restaurant whiskeys. Created […]

  • McKenzie Rye Whiskey Review

    McKenzie Rye Whiskey Review

    We were absolutely bowled over by Finger Lakes Distilling’s white dog / white whiskey, Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey (which got Drink Spirit’s highest rating).  When a distillery blows you away with their white whiskey and the quality of their distilling, it makes the level of excitement over trying their aged whiskey even higher. McKenzie Rye Whiskey (91 Proof), made from rye grain grown literally across the lake from the distillery, is aged in new charred oak quarter casks (which gives in a much longer equivalent age) and then finished in sherry barrels from local wineries. The McKenzie Rye has a nice light golden caramel color and exceptional body for a young spirit. It has a very sweet and aromatic nose with hints of maple, rye and an undertone of dried fruit. The taste is extremely concentrated and intense, much more characteristic of […]

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