• Underground Herbal Spirit from Ogden, Utah Review

    Underground Herbal Spirit

    Utah is probably the last place in the US you’d expect a distilled spirit from. While it’s certainly not the driest state in the union (that title is held by Pennsylvania), it does have a reputation for very tight control of alcohol. There once was a time that you needed to buy a membership to be able to drink at a bar in Utah. Those times have changed and Utah has loosened its noose on spirits. One of the great things to come from that is Underground Herbal Spirit. Made by Ogden’s Own Distillery in Ogden, Utah, Underground is a delicious herbal spirit that is a great example of how fantastic things can come from unexpected places. Underground is an herbal liqueur but it’s not nearly as sweet or syrupy as Jaegermeister or Zwack. To be an herbal liqueur you […]

  • Chambord and Chambord Flavored Vodka Reviewed

    Chambord Vodka

    We were first introduced to Chambord as a float on top of a Whiskey Sour at a bar in Portland, Oregon. It was one of those “Ah ha!” moments when we experienced one of our favorite drinks completely transformed with just a touch of another spirit. Over the years Chambord has popped up as an ingredient in many drinks we’ve had and each time it’s been the spirit that has really made the drink shine. We realized a few weeks back that we had never really sat down to experience Chambord on its own. It had always been a supporting player in an ensemble cast. When we sipped Chambord straight, we were blown away – of course all of the drinks we had with Chambord were so good, because Chambord is simply amazing. Chambord (33 proof, $32.99 for 750ml) is […]

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