Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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Wild Turkey marks Eddie Russell's journey to Master Distiller with the oldest whiskey they've released yet, Wild Turkey Master's Keep, a 17 year old bourbon. Read our complete review.

Diageo takes on the world of age-stated whiskeys with an Orphan Barrel release that supposedly came about by accident: The Gifted Horse Whiskey. Read our review.

Cynar releases a new expression of its popular amaro at twice the alcohol strength. We have the complete review of Cynar 70.

After five years of waiting, Woodinville releases their first aged whiskey, Woodinville Straight Bourbon Whiskey. We have an in-depth review.
Mezan Panama Rum 2006

Mezan curates rum from Jamaica & Panama, both of which are soft and affable sipping rums, but both would be better at higher ABVs. Read the Drink Spirits review.

After decades running the Cooley Distillery in Ireland, the Teelings branch out with one of the best Single Malt Irish Whiskeys we've had. Read the Drink Spirits review of Teeling Single Malt Irish Whiskey.
Cana Brava 7 Year Old Rum

The 86 Co. builds on their success with their first aged product, a 7 year old Panamanian rum, Cana Brava Reserva Aneja.

High West Distillery has shown their aptitude in creating unique offerings from acquired spirits. Their new Yippee Ki-Yay finishes their popular Double Rye whiskey in Vermouth and Syrah barrels to create a spirit that will appeal to fans of Manhattan cocktails.

Absolut gives the oak flavored vodka another try with Oak by Absolut. We have a comprehensive review.

Last year's William Larue Weller was the star of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, and this year is no different as it steals the spotlight. Read the Drink Spirits review.