• House Spirits Slabtown Whiskey Review

    Slabtown Whiskey

    Whiskey is a quintessentially American spirit built on top of the foundation of heritage American grains, corns and woods. It’s something that, as a country, we are very adept at producing.  Having this amazing spirit in the hands of small batch artisan distillers is a whiskey lover’s dream come true. Unfortunately, so far, that dream hasn’t been fully fulfilled. Whiskey is an extremely expensive proposition that requires strong capital, good craftsmanship and the most expensive element in the equation – time.  Unfortunately, the economic realities of craft distilling don’t often provide the luxury of time.  The need to start generating income off whiskey and a desire to do more than gin or vodka has created a new wave of young whiskeys on the market. Some of these whiskeys are completely unaged and are sold as White Dog, White Whiskey or New Make Spirit, while […]

  • 2011 American Distilling Institute Conference Moves to Portland

    Bill Owens Serves Barrel Proof Whiskey

    The American Distilling Institute announced that it’s bringing its annual ADI Conference and Vending Expo to Portland, Oregon, April 4-8th, 2011. The event will be held at McMenamins Edgefield Distillery with sponsorship from Rogue. In a press conference held at the Green Dragon (one of Rogue’s brew/distill pubs), Jack Joyce, founder of Rogue, talked about the vision of Oregon becoming a fermentation capital of the US with craft beer, wine and spirit making. At the heart of this drive is the notion that legalizing home distillation is a key to the future of the craft distilling industry, and that he felt Oregon could be a place where such legislation could take place. Bill Owens, the founder of the American Distilling Institute, and co-author of The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits: An Enthusiast’s Guide to the Artisan Distilling of […]

  • Organic Nation Vodka and Gin Review

    Organic Nation Vodka and Gin Review

    Organic foods have seen an absolute explosion in popularity over the past few years. More people are caring what goes into what they eat and where it comes from. When it comes to distilled spirits, many of these same environmentally-conscious people drink vodka made from the same industrial neutral grain spirit manufactured by ADM. While not every distillery has the capacity to ferment their grains themselves to make vodka, places like Organic Nation are sourcing their neutral grain base spirits from organic and environmentally-sensitive sources. Based in Ashland, Oregon, Organic Nation is a great example of a mico-distillery doing something unique and blazing a trail for the industry. Organic Nation produces two distilled spirits, Organic Nation Vodka and Organic Nation Gin. Of the two, we really fell in love with the Organic Nation Gin, one of our favorite balanced mixing […]

  • Small’s Gin Makes a Big Impression

    Small's Gin from Ransom Cellears In Oregon

    It’s sort if ironic that my spirits blog would start out with so many posts about Gin. I never really considered myself a gin drinker and would often defer to bourbon, tequila or mezcal based drinks. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been on sort of a quest to find a gin that I really like. So far I’ve had one pretty solid hit with the Organic Nation gin (based in Ashland Oregon), which I found light, flavorful and incredibly easy to mix with. Small’s Gin by Ransom Cellers (also located in Oregon) hasn’t been as easy a slam dunk for me. Small’s Gin made a huge impression with me when I first tasted it during a tasting session I had with whiskey guru Lance Mayhew.  Unfortunately that impression wasn’t necessarily a good one.  Many gin’s I’ve tasted have had pretty pronounced juniper notes, but Small’s swaps out […]

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