• Rogue Distillery Spirits Reviewed

    Rouge Spirits

    “Some people like our stuff and some people don’t, and that’s just fine with us.” – Gary Fleshman, General Manager, Rogue Ales It was a pretty strong statement that started off my tasting of Rogue Distillery‘s spirits. Best known for their micro-craft beers (like the Dead Guy Ale), Rogue has made a move into the spirits space with a line of Gin, Rum and Whiskey.  With distilleries split between their Oregon coast location and downtown Portland, Rogue doesn’t have the luxury of having all their spirits under the same roof. Their rum, which is distilled from C & H sugar, is done by a single apprentice without the immediate oversight of a master distiller.  Their barrel management also seems to be pretty slip shot, with spirits sitting in a variety of barels at a variety of ages. “We want to get this […]

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