Saturday, August 29, 2015
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Maker's Mark makes a rare release of some Cask Strength whiskey, unfortunately only available at the distillery in Kentucky. Drink Spirits has a full review.

Maker's Mark reverses their controversial decision to lower the proof on their popular whiskey. We interview Rob and Bill Samuels, Jr. about the change and the reversal.

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Buying spirits as a holiday gift needn't be difficult. There are some great major brands that will fit the bill.

Listen to the Drink Spirits Happy Hour as we walk you through The Old Fashioned

Drink Spirits brings you the story behind Maker's Mark, one of the world's most beloved bourbons.

Drink Spirits interviews the legendary Bill Samuels, Jr. the man responsible for Maker's Mark amazing success.

We review 20 White Dog Whiskey including Maker's White, Buffalo Trace White Dog and Heaven Hill Trybox

When a 'one product company' releases their first new product after 52 years, the stakes are pretty high. Maker's Mark, a huge contributor to...

For the longest time, when I'd go into a bar and the bartender asked me what I wanted I'd stare blankly and try to...