• Great Cocktails: Gin Old Fashioned

    Tanqueray 10 Gin Old Fashioned

    For us to feature a cocktail at Drink Spirits, it has to be something really special. While we’ve quite enjoyed many of the original cocktails we’ve had on our journeys, very few have the ability to transcend the bar that they were created in. Many original cocktails are unnecessarily complicated, or use obscure ingredients or techniques which are hard to reproduce at home (which is also why you might wait a good amount of time for your drink to be made). We don’t blame the legions of very talented mixologists trying to innovate in a space where there are literally thousands of existing concoctions and libations. The unfortunate thing is that many of these mixologists tend to overlook the fact that a smart riff on an existing classic cocktail, or resurrecting a forgotten classic, can yield much better results than […]

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