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Great Cocktails

The Aperol Spritz


One of the easiest warm weather cocktails is also one of the most refreshing. Drink Spirits takes a look at the Aperol Spritz.

Tanqueray 10 Gin Old Fashioned


For us to feature a cocktail at Drink Spirits, it has to be something really special. While we've quite enjoyed many of the original...

Tom & Jerry Cocktail


Beyond Egg Nog there is the Tom & Jerry a Fantastic Holiday Cocktail

The Angry Cricket


A unique take on a well loved drink, find out how The Grasshopper transformed into The Noisy Cricket, and why it's a perfect Thanksgiving after-dinner drink.

The Cowboy Martini


The Cowboy Martini is an extremely easy and delicious cocktail to make, and odds are, you've never tried it.

Verrazano Cocktai


The Verrazano Cocktail brings bourbon and mezcal together in a riff on the Manhattan that's a solid contender for a modern classic.

Cuba Libre


Learn how to make a perfect Cuba Libre aka Rum and Coke.

The Ti-Punch


Ti-Punch exists somewhere between a shot and a cocktail and it's one of the great drinks of the world.

The Classic Daiquiri


The Classic Daiquiri is one of the great drinks of the world, we show you how to make a great one.

The Classic Margarita


We show you how to make the perfect classic margarita cocktail.