Monday, May 29, 2017
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One of the easiest warm weather cocktails is also one of the most refreshing. Drink Spirits takes a look at the Aperol Spritz.

For us to feature a cocktail at Drink Spirits, it has to be something really special. While we've quite enjoyed many of the original...

Beyond Egg Nog there is the Tom & Jerry a Fantastic Holiday Cocktail

A unique take on a well loved drink, find out how The Grasshopper transformed into The Noisy Cricket, and why it's a perfect Thanksgiving after-dinner drink.

The Cowboy Martini is an extremely easy and delicious cocktail to make, and odds are, you've never tried it.

The Verrazano Cocktail brings bourbon and mezcal together in a riff on the Manhattan that's a solid contender for a modern classic.

Learn how to make a perfect Cuba Libre aka Rum and Coke.

Ti-Punch exists somewhere between a shot and a cocktail and it's one of the great drinks of the world.

The Classic Daiquiri is one of the great drinks of the world, we show you how to make a great one.

We show you how to make the perfect classic margarita cocktail.