Monday, May 29, 2017
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There's a popular misconception that Armagnac is very similar to Cognac, but it isn't. Cognac is a spirit category with rules and regularities designed to create similarities between different cognacs, while Armagnac is defined more by just how different each Armagnac is.

Pavan Liqueur de France is positioned to take on St. Germain. Found out how it fares in our review.

While Belle de Brillet has been around for a while, it's well worth rediscovering. We review this amazing liqueur.

We take a look at the growing changing category of cognac

Chateau de Montifaud produces exquisite cognac from both Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne but never mixes the two.

Cognac Jean Grosperrin quietly challenges the way we look at cognac with unblended, unsweetened, non chill filtered single vintage cognacs from all the regions of Cognac.

Cognac Paul Giraud provides a real window into the history and roots of cognac.

Pierre Ferrand is passionate about spirits, from their Citadel Gin to Plantation Rum, but it's their cognac that's the star.

Cognac Camus is the fifth largest cognac house but they do things distinctly different.

Quality is key for Hine Cognac who age their cognac both in France and the United Kingdom.