• Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey and True Blue Corn Whiskey Review

    Baby Blue and True Blue Corn Whiskey

    When it comes to un-aged or lightly aged whiskey, we’ve been fairly disappointed with the offerings in the market place [see our article Putting White Dog Down].  Most young whiskeys lack any real depth or complexity and the fruitier notes in the grain tend to overpower everything else.  Perhaps this is why we were so blown away by Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey  from Balcones Distillery in Waco, Texas.  Baby Blue is a surprisingly complex and flavorful young whiskey that won raves from our tasting panel and joins Fingerlake Distilling’s Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey and Charbay’s Double and Twisted Light Whiskey as our absolute favorite young spirits on the market. Here’s how the Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whiskey and its older brother, True Blue Corn Whiskey, fared with our tasting panel.

  • Tuthilltown Spirits Hudson New York Corn Whiskey Review

    Tuthilltown Spirits New York Corn Hudson Whiskey

    The next stop on my journey thought the wonderful world of white dog is Tuthilltown Spirits Hudson New York Corn Whiskey. Located in the Hudson Valley, about two hours away from New York City in a town called Gardiner, Tuthilltown Spirits is another fantastic micro-distillery using local grains, small batch distilling and a hand-crafted process that ensures each bottle of spirit they produce is the best it can be. Hudson New York Corn Whiskey (92 proof, $35 for 375 ml) is made from 100% New York corn and has a nose of wet concrete and buttery popcorn. Its heritage corn taste has deep earthy tones, not as sweet as other corn whiskeys, with more savory flavors like corn bread and corn roasted in the husk notes. It has a nice finish with some good heat and a nice long tail with excellent […]

  • Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey Review

    Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey

    Up in the middle of upstate New York, a little off to the eastern side, is a collection of long, thin, finger-like lakes called, appropriately enough, “The Finger Lakes”. It was at the base of one of these lakes (Lake Cayuga) that I spent my college years.  The region is gorgeous (the official town slogan is “Ithaca is Gorge-ous” after all the gorges in the region), and the finger lakes are an oasis between vast stretches of farmland that bridges cities like Rochester and Albany. The next lake over, Seneca Lake, is home to “The Glen“, an international raceway in an extremely unlikely “middle of nowhere” spot. Down the way from this raceway is Finger Lakes Distilling, an unlikely source for my continued search for the great American white dog.  Finger Lakes Distilling manufactures a white corn whiskey called Glen Thunder, named […]

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