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Cocktail Recipe

Tommy's Margarita


We bring you 3 amazing tequila drinks including Cater Beats The Devil, Tommy's Margarita and more.

The Angry Cricket


A unique take on a well loved drink, find out how The Grasshopper transformed into The Noisy Cricket, and why it's a perfect Thanksgiving after-dinner drink.

How to make a negroni


On this episode of Drink Spirits Radio we walk you through how to make a negroni cocktail

How to Make The Perfect Rum Daiquiri


We show you how to make the perfect daiquiri on the Drink Spirits Happy Hour Podcast


A great example of the next wave of vodka is Belvedere Intense Unfiltered 80 Vodka Made from Polish rye, Belvedere Unfiltered preserves more of the flavor and characteristics of a rye-based spirit while still maintaining the easy drinkability and clean finish that vodka drinkers..

Halloween Drinks and Cocktails


When it comes to making drinks for your Halloween party, the last thing you want to do is be stuck at your bar shaking cocktails...


We at Drink Spirits have been doing a lot of sampling and research to come up with the perfect summer cocktail to celebrate the...

Juan Collins


The Collins is a quintessential classic cocktail that combines gin, simple syrup, lemon juice and soda. As with many classic drinks, the origin...

Esquire Drinks Book by David Wondrich


I've been spending time going over Tony Abou-Ganuim's new book "The Modern Mixologist" and procrastinating writing up my review of it. I don't think...


When I started my journey  with spirits I didn't particularly love gin. It wasn't until I started really tasting a wide spectrum of gins...