• Buying Spirits Online

    Buying Spirits Online

    On of the unfortunate things about living in a state with extremely tight liquor control is that there are spirits which you simply can’t find for sale. There was a period of time in Oregon when green chartreuse wasn’t being sold because the Oregon Liquor Control Commission had thought that yellow and green were basically the same thing and filled orders just for yellow. In Oregon we also pay fairly high liquor taxes so it is often less expensive to order premium spirits online (even when you have to pay shipping). Given all this and based on a recommendation from whiskey maven Lance Mayhew, I decided to give DrinkUpNY.com a try to pick up three premium spirits on my wish list: Parker’s Heritage Collection Golden Anniversary Bourbon Ardbeg Ten Year Single Malt Caol Ila 12 year Single Malt Drink Up New York offers free shipping on […]

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