• Novo Fogo Cachaça Review

    Novo Fogo Cachaca

    One of the great spirit categories we’ve discovered since running Drink Spirits is cachaça . Made in Brazil from sugar cane juice, good cachaca has wonderfully vegetal and sweet tones, is easy to drink, and has a nice level of complexity.

  • 4th of July Cocktail – Whiskey Sour

    4th of July Cocktail – Whiskey Sour

    We at Drink Spirits have been doing a lot of sampling and research to come up with the perfect summer cocktail to celebrate the 4th of July. The criteria we came up with for the drink: It had to be easy drinking Good for hot weather Easy to make Ingredients that you could easily get during the summer It had to be delicious Sorting and sifting through the various spirits categories, we decided that bourbon would be the perfect base spirit for a hot summer day. There are so many great bourbons out there that are affordable, so it seemed like a great place to start. There are a ton of bourbon drinks out there, with the simplest being the way Maker’s Mark Master Distiller Kevin Smith does it:

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