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Air Alcohol Water


Can a crystal clear malt beverage that tastes like soda water give the vodka soda a run for its money?

How to make a negroni


On this episode of Drink Spirits Radio we walk you through how to make a negroni cocktail

How To Make The Perfect Ti-Punch with Rhum Agricole


Listen to the Drink Spirits Podcast and learn how to make the perfect ti punch, the national drink of the French island of Martinique

How to Make The Perfect Rum Daiquiri


We show you how to make the perfect daiquiri on the Drink Spirits Happy Hour Podcast

The Mint Julep


Drink Spirits Happy Hour looks at how to make The Perfect Mint Julep

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum


Captain Morgan jumps on the Black bandwagon with Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, a blackstrap spiced rum that mixes well and tastes good.

The Moscow Mule


Drink Spirits takes a tour through different varieties of vodka and makes the classic Moscow Mule cocktail.

The Old Fashioned


Listen to the Drink Spirits Happy Hour as we walk you through The Old Fashioned

The Perfect Margarita


The Drink Spirits Happy Hour takes a look at the classic margarita with tastings of Tequila Avion, Patron and Don Julio

Shaken or Stirred?


Listen to the Drink Spirits Happy Hour where we take on the age old debate - Martinis, Shaken or Stirred?