Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Angostura releases an amaro inspired by their iconic bitters - Amaro di Angostura. Drink Spirits has a complete review.
Angostura Cask Collection No. 1 Rum

Angostura has a wonderful problem: they are so well known for their world famous bitters that many people don't know they produce anything else....

Sometimes you want to take a break from drinking but still want to go out to a bar, we offer a compelling alternative to drink when you aren't drinking.

We interview Vidia Doodnath, Executive Director of Angostura, and reportedly one of only five people in the world who knows the secret recipe for Angostura Bitters,

In the fourth episode of our Drink Spirits Video Log (or VLOG for short), Drink Spirits attends the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge, where 11 Bartenders from around the world compete for $10,000 and a year long job as the Angostura Global Brand Ambassador.

In this Drink Spirits VLOG, we go to an Angostura pairing lunch, showing the use of Angostura Bitters.. Then we venture off the trail into the Trinidad nightlife, where everything doesn't always go as planned.

We interview John Georges, Master Distiller for Angostura Rum.
Angostura Rum

Angostura may be best known for their bitters, but they're hoping you'll try their rum too.

We take you behind the scenes of the worlds most famous bitters - Angostura Aromatic Bitters