Deco Distilling Silver and Ginger Rum

Deco Distilling Ginger Rum
Deco Distilling Ginger Rum

With so many distilleries doing vodka (including many huge brand names) it’s a very difficult and crowded space for a small micro-distillery to make its mark. The field looks a lot different when it comes to micro-distilled rum.

“A lot of vodka distillers are sweetening and flavoring a neutral grain spirit, so we figured why not start with something that’s already sweet, like rum”, explains Deco Distilling’s lead distiller, Lenny Gotte.

Deco is a hand crafted, small batch product that is distilled from molasses (rather than cane sugar) which helps give it a more distinct flavor and character.

The current Deco Distilling line includes two rums, Deco Silver Rum and Deco Ginger Rum, and the company has plans to expand their line with other flavored and spiced rums in the future.

Deco Distilling Silver Rum has a clean and slightly sweet nose. There’s a hint of alcohol vapor which you’d expect with an 80 proof spirit, but nothing too overwhelming. Deco Silver has a very uniformly sweet taste with a little fire in the back that quickly dissipates to a sweet finish. While there isn’t a ton of complexity here, the rum has a nicely rounded sweet taste that has edges of molasses in it with brighter sugarcane-like notes. It’s an exceptionally solid mixing rum that’s soft enough around the edges that it can stand up to more subtle citrus cocktails (like a rum lemon drop) while still being priced affordably enough to use in a rum and coke. Deco Silver rum is available in Oregon and sells for $17.95.

I first had the opportunity to try Deco Distilling Ginger Rum in a cocktail called the Peggy Palmer at a charity event. I really enjoyed how the ginger and citrus mingled with the sweet base of the rum and I was interested to see exactly how the rum stands up on its own.

Deco Ginger Rum has a very strong ginger nose – there’s no mistaking that this is a generously flavored spirit. The taste is of firey and strong ginger that reminds me a lot of the kick from Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew.  The fire does eventually subside and you’re left with a sweet ginger candy finish.  Deco’s Ginger Rum really isn’t designed to be consumed straight (unless you want to clear out your sinuses) and it’s strong enough to be used in small amounts to give drinks a nice ginger tone and aromatic. Deco Ginger Rum is available in Oregon and sells for $22.95.

In addition to making a Peggy Palmer, which I absolutely love, I tried out the Deco Silver Rum with Modmix’s Lavender Lemon Drop. The result was an extremely (dangerously) sweet cocktail.

Deco Distilling Silver Rum Rating :
Solidly Recommended – A solid silver rum that tastes great and is perfect for mixing; a great alternative to the large national brand rums.

Deco Distilling Ginger  Rum Rating :
Recommended – A unique mixing rum with a great bite of ginger. Extremely versatile and enjoyable.

  • john

    I am looking to make a giger rum not to make mixed I had this in sint Maarten as a after diner drink could you send a recipe . Thank you

    • So are you looking for a St. Maaren recipe?

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  • Look, you should have already a bit knowledge, before you listen to some spirit industry insiders.
    Usually there is very little sugar [if any] in flavored vodka [and usually non in not-flavored vodka].

    And rum? Well rum [at least all Caribbean and Central & South American rum] is always made with molasses and never with sugar [that would be far too expensive]. There are only few exceptions, which are using fresh sugar cane juice [rhum agricole] or sugar cane honey [the pre-state of molasses].

    The only thing, which is special, is the flavoring with ginger. The white variant looks quite expensive for “a solid” white rum.